Family Time

Veteran’s Day.
What more fitting of a day for RJ to finally be home.
Daily they toil for freedom and lay their blood sweat and tears at our feet. To all those who have served, still serve, and their families who serve behind the scenes, Thank You.
Please thank a Vet, everyday…
jared home

Flat Jared small-6
Our very favorite cousin and his amazing lady got married, and they asked FJ to be a groomsman. Jeff served as his legs when walking down the aisle, even though he was petrified. Pictures turned out fun and lovely, and it was great that he could be there, even from the other side of the country!
Flat Jared small-5

Flat Jared small-3

We had a pretty fun Halloween in our new home. We live in a great neighborhood for trick or treating and the weather was warm enough that we even went out without our jackets, I love it here!
Look, we found FJ’s twin!

There are a few pictures from our trunk or treat at church, but they are on our other camera and I’m having a little trouble locating the transfer cable for that one(Disorganized? Who, me?) so it might be a bit until you see those.

Yes, with summer quickly coming to a close and school and work we have been busy little bees. Here’s a quick glimpse at what we’ve been up to:
We went to a park at the beach. One of the things we love about living here is being so close to the water and so many amazing public parks.


It was windy and we couldn’t leave poor FJ all by himself, so he and Jason surfed the internet while I ran off to play with the kids.

We went to cousin B’s birthday(let’s hope I post the right picture this time):
And Eric got a little goofy, as he’s wont to do from time to time:

Why yes it is, none other than Seattle Mariners center fielder Franklin Gutierrez, mugging for the camera with our very own Flat Jared. This was a really awesome experience, the kids and I had a blast. We LOVE our baseball
And this was us chillin in line waiting to see Franklin Gutierrez:


This is a replica of the cages they use to ship walruses between zoos


Hanging out in front of one of the fish tanks


*cue Jaws music*

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