As some of you know, I work at the airport.
Recently we began to see a major influx of service members and their families being routed through our airport from Japan. All in all we are expecting to see approximately 15,000 of these folks over the coming weeks/month. Flying for hours and hours with just their family and a few bags of clothes, they are tired and stressed once they arrive. Many don’t know where they are headed or what exactly is to become of their belongings left behind.
As always, the USO has done a commendable job of stepping up to help. A large section of the second level has been equipped with cots and seating areas, a conference room has been converted to a welcome center and play area, and they are even offering rudimentary vet care for those families that have managed to bring their pets along. The USO volunteers are there at all hours of the day and night. I have never seen them complain and they are constantly working to assist those who serve our country.
Japan needs help. Give, give all you can. I and the people I know have all been very lucky, everyone connected to us has made it through alive so far, some against unbelievable odds. Many, many others haven’t been as fortunate.

All I’m saying is, in the future, when you’re looking for somewhere to devote your time or money, please remember the immense service the USO is providing now, and all they do everyday for service members and their families.
All our best to you and yours