Soo…we were in this little article and even though it’s not on news stands until Sunday we’re already on the website and I’m noticing a lot more hits than usual. I figured it might be nice to have a few words for all the new folks dropping by.
But first, to our readers who have been here over the last 2+ years…Thank you. Your support and friendship has been a real joy for us, and I am so happy to have met you. I won’t forget you in the hustle of being momentarily popular, I promise. For our lurkers(and I know you’re out there, I check my stats) it’s been nice to have you sharing our lives as well. Leave a comment, we won’t bite. Much.
If this is your first visit to see Flat Jared, welcome! I hope you enjoy reading about all our adventures, and maybe even share adventures of your own. If you have some time, swing by the websites of our favorite causes, you’ll find them in the sidebar to the right. Deployments are rarely easy, but we try to keep the tone of the blog upbeat and supportive, please respect that when commenting.
It’s awfully scary having our family in such a huge spotlight, but if it helps ease the difficulty of even one family’s deployment then I guess it’s worth it.

(special thanks to Jami, Annette Lyon, Q Madp, and Parade Magazine!)