September 2010

And I am buuusy. Been picking up extra hours at work at every opportunity, so I don’t have a lot of  time for the peripherals, like the blog. I’m trying though, promise.

We went to the Western Washington Fair last week and it was a lot of fun. But since this fair is a lot bigger than the one in Spokane and since Mira is a lot faster than when we went to the Spokane fair, I made the command decision to leave FJ guarding the car.
Here we are in the parking lot before heading in:

It took us a few hours but we managed to see lots of animals and enjoy some rides. That place is crazy packed, even though we went really early in the day. I can’t wait to have some help next year(consider yourself warned dear)!

August 28th was Read Comics in Public Day. Don’t worry, it happens again next year if you missed it this time around. The kids and I met up with some fellow comic lovers and spent some time reading comics in public. Real Jared was RCiP-ing in Washington DC, and Flat Jared was RCiP-ing with us!

The kids and I thought it would be fun to do something outdoors, so we picked up some plants and some soil and got down to business