So, I work for TSA and as such have the opportunity to meet lots and lots of service members and retired personnel as they fly through. Last summer our area hosted the National Paralyzed Veterans Games and it was my honor to work while many of the athletes were flying out and to meet and assist them on their journey. At my airport we try very hard to give all people with disabilities the respect and care they deserve. Several of us have family members with special needs and we understand the stress that travel can create. We also know that some people will use any excuse to try and get all sorts of crazy things through an airport. Guns, knives, drugs, and more, are regularly hidden in prosthetic devices, medical accessories, and wheelchairs all over the world. So we have the unenviable task of thoroughly searching mildly to severely disabled persons and their items, while still trying to maintain the highest level of respect and dignity possible.
To that end, TSA has partnered with the Wounded Warrior Program and implemented the Military Severely Injured Program. The purpose of TSA’s program is to support and facilitate the movement of injured service members through the security screening process at the nation’s airports. Persons eligible for this program include members from all branches of the armed services who have special travel needs, as well as their accompanying family members.
For more information on the program and how to take advantage of a little extra help getting through the checkpoint, visit the TSA website