I absolutely meant to post about this earlier in the month but I looked at the calendar and thought “Hey, it’s only the 11th, I have plenty of time”. Then I looked at the calendar again yesterday and thought “Holy crap, I better get my butt in gear!”

Sometime in the last year(it all sort of bleeds together to be honest with you) I started seeing comments on the Flat Daddy blog from a woman named Annette. After a little interaction and with some helpful hints from an internet friend I learned a bit more about her and what she does. Turns out she’s an LDS author and it was a surreal experience to go to my in-laws’ house and see each one of her books in their collection. (Seriously, I get to meet the dopest people on teh internets). Anyhow she’s been working on a book which she recently finished that hits fairly close to home for me and our family. It’s titled “Band of Sisters” and it’s a fictional account of 5 LDS women whose husbands deploy to the Middle East. Well, semi-fictional, since some of the things she writes about really happen irl. Kind of a “names have been changed” kind of deal if you ask me. I was skeptical in the beginning, but I perused the first 3 chapters and totally had to laugh because there are some things that Annette totally nailed, even little bits of my own “Ugh, I’m so not a typical military wife” attitude, which I guess means I’m more typical than I realize! Deployment home repair disasters, waiting by the computer for a little chat time, family members getting sick or dying when your spouse is too far away to come home, yep, been there done that. I’m not one for the schmaltz, but this all hit close enough to home to wring a couple(small, extremely tough *grrrr*) tears from my eyes.
Not only did Annette embark up a journey into territory she knew little about at the time, she also decided to use this as an opportunity to do some good for a cause I personally love. In conjuncture with FlatDaddies.com she has a special link from her website that allows you to donate to the program without having to pony up the full 50 bucks for a Flat Daddy. You can donate as much or as little as you can afford, and you don’t have to have a specific recipient in mind. Of course you’re always welcome to donate the full amount to provide a family with their very own Flat Daddy, or Flat Mommy as the case maybe.
Please please please send these links on to anyone you can, as the increasing number of Iraq and Afghanistan deployments have so many families grasping for whatever extra bit of comfort the world has to offer and I can personally attest that Flat Daddies provide just that.
I am so thankful to Annette for the chance to be involved in this wonderful charitable opportunity for something I wholeheartedly endorse. I hope that you can show her, her book, and her Flat Daddy link at the very least as much support as you’ve shown me. Let’s get the word out there people!!
Annette is published by Covenant Communications and her books, including “Band Of Sisters”, are available at Deseret Bookstores or at Deseret Books online. While her books are LDS centered, I think we could all use a little comfort and spiritual uplifting when we’re taking on the challenges of supporting our military family member or friends.