Real Jared came home safe and sound and everyone was beyond happy to see him. Even the baby (now 2) didn’t shy away and I credit our Flat Jared with much of that.
It’s been quite the adventure since RJ came home, nothing’s really the same after so long apart and it’s hard to figure everything out. Accept that it’s much like starting all over and try to keep the right perspective. Be willing to talk and be willing to ask for help. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America website has links for soldiers about the transition, as well as a section for friends and family. Remember that it won’t be perfect and you’ll at least start out headed down the right path.
We had a fun family vacation a few weeks after RJ returned and it was a ton of fun watching him and the kids interact. Mira became quite the daddy’s girl and the boys were just happy to have someone to wrestle with. Now RJ is back to work and almost done with his degree. FJ is tucked away in a closet awaiting his next adventures, though we’re not really in a rush for that to happen!
I hope to have very random updates about other Flat Daddy news from time to time, and please send the link(or at least the Flat Daddy idea) out to anyone you think could use it. Deployment can be excruciatingly lonely for families, particularly Reserve and National Guard families, and it’s always nice to have a connection to others in your position. Thanks to all of you for your visits and support here. Lots of love from our family to yours!