July 2009

with no kids!


4th of July festivities in Halfway Oregon. The sign says “Home of Baker County Fair” but there were so many trees I couldn’t get a good shot:

Watching the barrel races with FJ and a new friend. When you take a Flat Daddy with you new friends just come out of the woodwork!

Getting ready to paint somethin!

The kids spotted a new food place in town a couple weeks back and we finally had some time to pop in and check it out. Joel was pretty much in heaven because they serve hot dogs exclusively and he is a hot dog fiend. All sorts of hot dogs and toppings, they even have 5 different kinds of relish! I think RJ is going to really like this place when he comes home!
There’s a big screen TV with cable and they have an air hockey table. Don’t forget the PS3 and the Wii. Oh, and wi-fi. Can you tell we live in a college town? They tried like a hundred different types of hot dog before settling on the ones they carry, and they were pretty darn good.
Everyone had a good time:

There was this guy. He had a cool car(I love suicide doors). I asked if I could take FJ’s picture in the car. He said yes. The end.

Only in small towns do you find the flag planted right in the middle of the only “major” intersection in town

Do you think he’ll help us float if we jump in?

The door of my grandparents guest cottage. They know how to represent y’all