Every year there is a new finisher shirt for the race. It’s kind of a big deal, there’s a lot of speculation and analyzing the previous years shirts. They even pile the shirts face down at the finish so people can’t see them until they cross, it’s pretty fun.
Anyway, there is a series of statues of runners downtown and every year they put all the previous shirts on them.
The other funny thing about these shirts is that pretty much everyone who gets one wears it the next day. It’s some sort of Bloomsday tradition. People in this town love their event T-shirts.
And of course everyone is critiquing the shirts the next day and there’s always some lively discussion. Over a shirt! A guy on sports radio said they get a box of 64 crayons and everyone reaches in a bag and grabs one. Then they put it on a board and whoever has the color of/closest to the shirt wins. Everyone puts in 2 dollars and then half the pot goes to a charity and half goes to the winner. It sounds like a fun way to really get involved in Bloomsday!