So, I didn’t mention it, but I got bumped from being able to do the footrace because of some problems with my torn up knees. BUT, it ended up okay because Jordan decided to do it anyways, what a way to sacrifice!
We got to hang out with uncle Jordan a little bit the night before the race, but can you believe I forgot to take any pictures of him and FJ?!
It’s okay though, because the local newspaper did it for me!
There’s a little blurb in this article about them, and there’s even a nice big copy of the picture available to view here.

Their time was only a few minutes more than RJ’s time last year, not too shabby for a guy who recently had part of his stomach wrapped up around his esophagus. And carrying his brother on his back! Kudos to Jordan for helping keep RJ’s Bloomsday tradition alive!! He’s also taking our extra beat up FJ back to Seattle with him so that FJ can go hiking or fishing or whatever in the few months left before his return, how fun!