In this area they host the Bloomsday run every year. RJ has run it every year since we moved here, except for the year he was TDY in VA. His brother wanted to run it with FJ this year, but because of a surgery or something he can’t. So I guess I’m gonna do it.
Yeah, I sorta decided that in less than a month I’m going to walk 7 and a half miles with FJ strapped to my back. Hmm, when I put it that way it sounds a little insane. I’ve started walking a couple miles everyday and hopefully I can manage to finish and score a finisher shirt for RJ, and maybe pass out some Iraq War Heroes cards too. A couple miles isn’t 7, I know, but right now I’m doing it pushing a stroller with two kidlets in it, and I definitely won’t have them along on race day. I also won’t technically be racing because “run” isn’t in my vocabulary, and other than Doomsday Hill(yes, it DOES sound encouraging, doesn’t it?) I should be able to walk it at a decent pace. My friend Jaydene will be doing it with me(her fiance is the owner of Crazy Clown) so at least I’ll have someone to keep me company, even if it is a skinny little Hawaiian/Filipino chick who has to keep poking me with sticks to move my lazy butt along.
Lots of people dress crazy and do wacky things for the race, bands play along the course, and there are always tons of supporters hanging out so I’m excited to see what kind of crazy pictures I can get. Not sure how I’m going to keep cards and the camera accessible without getting in my way…maybe I’ll have to bust out the fanny pack or something. Old School baby!