April 2009

Happy Birthday Abbs!
How were those chocolate cupcakes?


We made a quick trip to the kids museum after school last week and there was a ruckus coming from the food court in the mall. We journeyed upstairs to find a band playing and free ice cream day @ Ben & Jerry’s! All the kiddos got a scoop and sat down with daddy to munch away!

Pics with mascots for our local baseball and hockey teams. We love going to these games and we can’t wait for daddy to come home so we can all go again!


All the way from the frozen north comes this picture of teacher Joy, some of her students, and the man himself, Flat Jared!

Now I know why moms are so tired all the time! Just when I get a break with wrestling for Jeff ending, soccer starts for Joel!
At Jeff’s awards dinner with FJ:
Very first soccer game!

he’s a “half”back!

It’s getting so you can’t go anywhere these days without running into a garishly painted bear waiting to snatch away your Flat Daddy. What kind of world is this?!
FJ and bear

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