There’s a sports bar/restaurant in town that RJ and I really love to go to. Banks of tv’s mounted from the ceiling showing all manner of sports (and sometimes even cartoons!), flat screens on the walls, a digital projector and huge screen, and even TV’s in the restrooms! They have good food and a really friendly atmosphere and  it’s just great. We especially like to go for March Madness, though it’s generally incredibly packed. This year I met up with a couple friends to watch the Zags play, and of course I took FJ along.

This is my pal Becky and her room mate Jeremy:

The waitress was nice enough to sneak FJ behind the bar for a picture. It turns out her husband has been to Iraq too, so she understood:

One of the reasons I hate hanging out with Becky is that she’s so tan I always look ridiculously pale: