March 2009

Our firstborn can now ride a 2 wheeler all by himself

And how does that make you feel?

Pictures from Iraq, the stats went through the roof. Back to just us, traffic slowed waaay down.
Well too bad, because there’s just more FJ and family in the near future, lol!

Seriously, how awesome is this?
Yeah, I know you’re jealous, that’s the real live Weinermobile. When I saw this puppy parked at a local motel I had to turn around because with my luck it would’ve been gone by the time we got back from running errands.
Joel thought it was the coolest thing ever because he had seen it on one of his shows about cars and trucks.

And just for giggles:

We went to play at the park by the lake. FJ just sat back and watched
He looked so lonely that I sat down and joined him
The claim is that spring is here…but considering that the boys were chucking branches at the ices covered lake, I’m gonna say not quite yet.

random girls in prom dresses wandering around downtown….

There’s a sports bar/restaurant in town that RJ and I really love to go to. Banks of tv’s mounted from the ceiling showing all manner of sports (and sometimes even cartoons!), flat screens on the walls, a digital projector and huge screen, and even TV’s in the restrooms! They have good food and a really friendly atmosphere and  it’s just great. We especially like to go for March Madness, though it’s generally incredibly packed. This year I met up with a couple friends to watch the Zags play, and of course I took FJ along.

This is my pal Becky and her room mate Jeremy:

The waitress was nice enough to sneak FJ behind the bar for a picture. It turns out her husband has been to Iraq too, so she understood:

One of the reasons I hate hanging out with Becky is that she’s so tan I always look ridiculously pale:

Update: I have permission to link Travis’s blog! Find his shenanigans here.

People take the oddest things with them when they deploy…
This is Crazy Clown. One of our friends has been taking him around for photo ops. He’s small and sitting right in the middle of the picture.
crazy clown
And in the desert, of course
crazy clown 2
This little guy belongs to one of RJ’s coworkers:
And this is Wynonna. I believe that in the song Wynonna HAD a big brown beaver, not WAS a big brown beaver. We’ll still give them credit for the catchy name though…
Wynonna is the mascot for the Base Command Group somewhere else in the vast desert of Iraq. I snagged this picture off of Travis’s blog. You met Flat Travis earlier. Hey Travis, if you want me to link your blog let me know!
If I recall correctly, Travis should be headed home soon. Yay for Meredith and the kids!!

Real Jared sent me some pictures on CD and I just love some of them too much to keep them to myself…
Daddy with his “Flat boys” and outside the door decorated for Christmas. I was totally shocked to see RJ get into Christmas this year since he is such the Bah Humbug type normally and only puts up with all the decorations and goodies to humor me. I guess spending the holidays with your family thousands of miles away can do that to a person.
Me and the Flat Boys P1000888
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