Today, FJ and I got to meet Q. The Q, from
He was passing through on the way to a memorial service and we managed to arrange for our paths to cross. It was a real honor to meet someone who puts their money where their mouth is and really commits everything to their cause. Most months(okay, pretty much all the flippin time) there’s a lot more money going out than there is coming in and he just keeps plugging along anyways, doing as much as he can so that he doesn’t let down our fallen heroes and their families. Soft spoken and extremely humble, his dedication is amazing. He’s just not complete without a camera in his hands and it’s totally endearing.
We have a whole box of cards for the site and Joel has taken great delight in handing them out. Even the doctor at the urgent care clinic today couldn’t escape without one. Nobody can say no to his sweet little 4 year old grin!
So enjoy the pictures below and, if you haven’t already, visit the site. Thanks!
Q and FJ

Oh no way! If anyone gets to road trip without the kids it’s ME!

Believe me, if you see this car in front of you, you’re not going to wonder what he stands for!