we have Meredith and her kiddos. Meredith is my internet buddy whose hubby is also hangin out in Iraq, though not in exactly the same place as mine. She’s got 3 little people to chase after as well and I especially get a chuckle reading about her Sunday escapades because they remind me so much of my own Sundays. Church during naptime? Dude, we should totally get a free pass on that one…

Here’s Noah and Lily with Flat Travis. I’m thinking daddy’s gonna have to keep an eye on that Lily, just look at the mischievous wink as she grabs the wheel:
Haircut 179

FT and Noah eating lunch. It seems to be a school lunch, so I’m gonna say FT probably got off easy not having to eat it:
octoberfun 015

Thanks Meredith, nice to see you stopping in. Only 3 more months till your man is home, hang in there girl!