February 2009

Jeff’s OT is up near the best little bistro. I thought it would be a nice treat for my tummy the family if we popped on over for dinner the other night. The owner’s husband used to be in recruiting with RJ and the owner was happy to see us all pop in for a visit. She’s reserving a nice big bowl of gooey homemade mac and cheese just for RJ when he gets back, and just check out those desserts……

I’m happy to say that everything is a-okay on our end now. A few days with and IV and we finally got her moving and eating again. It was definitely stressful and a little scary, but having daddy there really did make it better. We knew she was okay to go home when she grabbed him by neck to give him a big hug…Then tried to run out the door and down the hall with FJ in tow.


probably be out a few more.
Why? Here’s a hint:
Baby’s in the hospital. She’s been sick all week and it finally got bad enough to take her in. She’s okay, but it’ll be at least another day day until they let her go. Prayers and good thoughts always appreciated



Since the plain blank back of FJ was kind of boring we decided to put it to some use and get attention for some FJ related causes.

The hospital where Jeff does OT has this giant Curious George in their cafeteria. Since Curious George is such a popular guy in our house, I had to snap a picture with FJ.
We all ate dinner in the cafeteria after Jeff’s appointment. The food was cheap and decent, and I didn’t have to cook!

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