We were supposed to go sign Jeff up for peewee wrestling last night, but somehow nobody from the league managed to actually show up. So we went back to Annika and Leroy’s house to pick up Joel. They had another family over that we go to church with, and they were doing pizza and game night so we did the responsible thing and invited ourselves over 😉
The guys were way more prissy about getting their picture taken than the girls, and they got all weird about it:
And it was pretty late, so we all may have been a little goofy:
They weren’t all totally stoked about posing for the website, so you have to give them credit for doing it anyways out of love for Jared! Annika, Leroy, Rosa, Blain(e?)…Thanks so much for your sacrifice and for a really fun evening!
We played a farming game that was surprisingly fun and addictive. It can be a teaching experience about the ups and downs of farming (and pretty much life in general), bank debt, taxes, and beating your opponents into the ground until the beg for mercy, lol! You can find it here and I recommend it.