January 2009

Just ask Stella!

is the childrens clothing exchange store. There’s only one of this particular franchise left in town since the other location’s roof caved in, so it was packed today. I’m there fairly often since it’s always been my favorite location. The owner is very nice and they have a military discount, how awesome is that? A discount on cheap is right up my alley!
Anyhow, standing in line waiting to check out I saw a face from the past. A woman we knew years and years ago who I had lost touch with because, well, I’m a horrible multi-tasker. Even though this is quite possibly THE single most unflattering picture of Anna Michelle EVER, she consented to let me post it as a way to say hi to RJ and wish him the best. Now that is dedication!!

Well, they can’t all be just FJ can they? I like to update here every couple of days and I’m running a little thin on material, being a hermit lately and all. So I thought I’d just show off our fantastic kids a bit!


We had so much fun getting our pictures taken together. Our photographer got some great shots and did some great editing, including adding FJ into a family shot and(my favorite)making my skin look like porcelain in my close ups!
If you’re in the Seattle area and need a good photographer for family portraits or weddings, visit Stewart Stills Photography. Great pictures and great pricing, always a good combo.
All our thanks go out to Jason and Adrianne for such a wonderful and fun experience!

Jeff started wrestling last night and he loved it! Everybody was happy and kind seeing FJ there, and they even asked if he’s willing to help coach next year. Not FJ, he wouldn’t be much of a coach…

I know it’s been a while since I posted any fun pictures, but I’ve been laid up sick for the last week and FJ hasn’t been anywhere but stuck in the back of the car.
We went to the very first wrestling practice for Jeff tonight and I snapped a few pictures of that, since RJ is super gung-ho about all this wrestling stuff.
We got our family photos back from the photographer, including one with FJ, and I can’t wait to show them off!
It’s extremely late right now, but I just wanted to say that I WILL be posting pictures tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and your continued support of our Year With Flat Daddy!!

We were supposed to go sign Jeff up for peewee wrestling last night, but somehow nobody from the league managed to actually show up. So we went back to Annika and Leroy’s house to pick up Joel. They had another family over that we go to church with, and they were doing pizza and game night so we did the responsible thing and invited ourselves over 😉
The guys were way more prissy about getting their picture taken than the girls, and they got all weird about it:
And it was pretty late, so we all may have been a little goofy:
They weren’t all totally stoked about posing for the website, so you have to give them credit for doing it anyways out of love for Jared! Annika, Leroy, Rosa, Blain(e?)…Thanks so much for your sacrifice and for a really fun evening!
We played a farming game that was surprisingly fun and addictive. It can be a teaching experience about the ups and downs of farming (and pretty much life in general), bank debt, taxes, and beating your opponents into the ground until the beg for mercy, lol! You can find it here and I recommend it.

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