to run around like a crazy person!!
We’re jumping on a plane tomorrow to head to Seattle for a visit with the family for Christmas. We hope to get some family pictures taken while we’re there and of course we’ll be taking pictures of the whole plane ride and all the people we can con into posing with FJ. I’ll have all the kids with me which seriously ups the sympathy factor and the likelihood that people will agree. I know, I’m shameless….
I hope everyone has had some success digging out of the insane snow that’s been pretty much everywhere and that you’re all ready to enjoy a few days surrounded by family and loved ones. Take a moment to check on any seniors or others who may need help around you and make sure they’re taken care, walks are shoveled, heat’s working, etc.
Please keep all those who are away from their families in your prayers and send them some loving thoughts. Of course the troops, but also civilian employees supporting our troops, those serving as volunteers, missionaries, or anyone out there doing their very best to support the ones they love. This is, after all, a pretty lame time of year to be alone.
It’s never to late to send a kind message to our troops. It’s quick and free to rattle off a note and send a postcard through Let’s Say Thanks. Make it a family project, encourage others to take the time, and know that you’ve given someone a much needed bit of love during a difficult time.
If you’re looking to get more involved, take a look at the Patriot Guard Riders. They serve at memorials AND welcome home ceremonies and do all sorts of other great things. You don’t have to be a biker to participate and it’s a great thing to be involved with.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.