We were coming out of an appointment yesterday and happened across a couple of Marines placing barrels for Toys For Tots. Jeff loved their camo fatigues and their olive drab truck and just had to get a picture of FJ with them. RJ is serving with a ton of Marines right now too, so it was neat chance for Jeff to make a little connection with what his dad is doing. They were exceptionally good sports about it, which is odd because I thought the Corps forcibly removes a recruits sense of humor when they get to boot camp. Hey guys, I think you missed a couple!!

If you are so inclined you can visit the Toys For Tots website and make a monetary donation right there, no need to buy something and search out a bin.

We’ve never recieved from the T4T program, but there have been a few Christmases since we left active duty to pursue the glamorous college student lifestyle that we have been gifted Christmas by wonderful and loving people. It is so much more of a joy to give than recieve, especially when you know it’s benefiting a child, so if you can spare anything extra this holiday season please keep Toys For Tots on your short list and support their sponsors.