I decided to take the day off for Thanksgiving and it looks as though it sort of stretched into almost a week.
We went to a friends house for Thanksgiving and had such a good time. We ate enchiladas and tacos and guacamole and, despite the snow that fell later, it was fun. RJ got to call us in the morning, before we left the house, and the kids loved talking to him, even though the call was short. Mira walked into the kitchen with her hand on her ear, looked at me, and said “Daddy?”. She was pretending to talk to him on the phone and I just about died it was so sad and sweet at the same time.
And a shot with a bunch of food in front, so he can see what he missed đŸ˜‰ That’s local, farm pressed apple cider in that jug, and it was goooooood.
Real Jared likes turkey and ham and, sad to say, I can’t stand either of those things so I used the Thanksgiving without him as an excuse to skip them and just have a crazy holiday dinner. He got all the fixin’s at the DFac and I got tons of leftovers that I will actually eat!