I would like to share my irritation at the person or persons who got their grubby paws on our credit card number and used it to purchase all sorts of fun things.
Our bank is taking care of it, but it has taken far longer and is far more aggravating than I would like. Considering I would like it to have simply never happened, I guess my bank can’t be blamed for my aggravation….
I am irritated that I have to sit here at home, alone, picking up the pieces, trying to reassure my poor helpless husband that everything is okay. I am irritated that a good man’s willingness to lay down his life for his fellow man leads to his fellow man being a total dirtbag.
I doubt they knew the card belongs to a deployed serviceman, but even if they did I doubt it would’ve stopped them. Just like it didn’t stop the guy who stole our car and all the belongings therein.
The sad part is that they don’t realize that they benefit from all his hard work in two ways: By spending money based on his paychecks, and by living in a country where they won’t be stoned or have their hand chopped of for stealing because of the freedoms that my husband defends.
It’s just money and it will all be fixed soon. We’re still happy and well loved and none of these less than ideal events can change those facts. So take THAT Mr. Thieving Dirtbag Person!!