December 2008

You may not believe it, but this picture was taken in the Seattle area. I know, they never have this much snow, which is what made it such insanity around here for a while. My in-laws’ neighbor took the opportunity to build a snow Santa in his front yard. He sure didn’t o halfway on it, that’s for sure!!


stopped by to say hello to FJ and the kids!

FJ keeps an eye on Mira while I pay for goodies at the toy store

FJ was helping me finish the last minute Christmas shopping for the kids and he begged me to buy him one of the toy National Guard cars he found. I reminded him that he doesn’t even like car racing and he was in agreement, as always.

Flight attendants get a kick out of FJ. They made sure to store him safely away during the flight and returned him to us in one piece when we left. The pilot said hello as well, but we were in a hurry to retrieve our luggage and couldn’t wait around to get his picture.

This is from our first attempt to fly out for the holidays.
It seems that FJ has been dieting and/or working out regularly, because he weighs in at a whopping 0.8 pounds. Don’t most people GAIN weight during the holidays?

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