it was a fairly decent day.

We got a late start because Real Jared was able to call us! Everyone(well, everyone who can talk) got to talk to him and it was great, the boys really loved it. We headed to the base to go bowling but the Funspot was closed! Hey, it’s a federal holiday that almost everyone on base has off and kids are out of school, so let’s close. I understand it, but it made my life more difficult and that’s what’s really important here, right? 😉

So we drove into town to a different bowling alley, only to find that there was a 45 minute wait for a lane. Geez, does everyone in this town go bowling on their days off or what? The counter help gave me directions to another bowling alley so we headed out, again. Third times the charm because they had a couple lanes open. The boys bowled a game while I sat to the side with the baby and FJ. I don’t know if it was because of Veterans Day or because I had 4 crazy kids with me, but we had 3 people send their thanks to Real Jared and one gentleman very kindly took both of my hands in his, looked me in the eye, and thanked me for everything I do holding down the fort at home. It was a nice moment, and something I really need from time to time. The older gentleman working behind the counter and I struck up a conversation. He is a veteran, and like most men in his position, pleaded ignorance when I thanked him and shook his hand. “In my day”, he said “serving your country is what you did, it was your duty and the price you paid for the privilege of living in a free country”.  Amen my friend, amen.

A few video games, picked up a couple half price pizzas from Papa Murphys(Tuesday is military discount day), and we went home for some dinner. Played, ate, dropped Donovan off at home, drove back and put the kids in bed. Not to shabby…