November 2008

taking FJ to the grocery store today in the hope that I might get some people to cut me slack and help me out, but then I decided to go to the commissary, so there isn’t a lot of sympathy to be had there. We’ll have a fun day tomorrow though, and we hope you do as well. Love and thanks to all of you!!

*also, adding to the list of thank you’s to FJ: the garbage man, who always stops and waits for me because he knows I forget to take my can out until I hear the truck because trash has always been Real Jared’s thing, and the woman working at the library who served 20 years herself from Vietnam through the first Gulf War

we take FJ to the recycling center with us!!

we went over to our friend’s house to help her sort through boxes of stuff because she’s moving. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the goofy fun you can have with random stuff you find…or maybe you would….

We took the boys in for haircuts and FJ was due for one too. He was so good that he even got a lollipop!

Our oldest son, sleeping in his tent on the bedroom floor, with a picture of his dad tucked behind his pillow.

Yesterday he told me that “daddy isn’t just gone because he loves us.”
“Oh?” I replied
“He’s gone because he loves our whole country and he wants to keep everyone safe from bad people”
From the mouths of babes indeed…

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