October 2008

that Flat Jared has his own myspace account?!

If you have an account, add him to your friends list. Nothing makes you feel better than logging in to find an unexpected comment or kind message, especially when you’re a world away from home!

church, originally uploaded by spitfire_army_wife.

It was a primary program for the boys on Sunday so we took FJ to church with us. Usually I don’t like to take him in because a)everyone gives me those pity looks that I hate so much, and b)it’s really hard to drag 3 kids out the door when you have a flat daddy to wrestle with as well.
Joel is giving a thumbs up and I think he may be trying to wink as well, just in case you actually think he’s looking at something really small on his finger, like a booger….that’s what I thought.

Someone mentioned that the news website link is no longer working, so here’s the video of our Flat Daddy news story via youtube. Thanks for the love and support everyone!

FJ and I shared a birthday sundae. He left most of it for me, what a nice guy!

P.S. It was a restarting candle, so blowing it out was harder than it sounds!

The wrinkles on his neck are from her. She saw our new daddy and ran up to tackle him before I could stop her. Bummer perhaps, but it made me feel good that she was so happy to see him.

FJ took me out to lunch for my birthday yesterday. He also took me to the MAC cosmetics counter and told me to buy whatever I want. Isn’t he just the best?!

there was just NO way to pose FJ with his balloon sword without it looking supremely inappropriate…..

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