was great!

FJ was very popular. Some of the highlights:

Two old ladies, Pat and Pat, say thanks to Real Jared for his service. They were either twins or have been friends for so long they have started to look alike.

Sgt Isabel, who Real Jared previously worked with, says hey along with the rest of his family. His wife and I talked about shoes, it was fabulous.

2 separate grizzled old veterans in their hats and patch laden vests say God Bless to Real Jared.

The woman at the corn dog stand took FJ’s picture.

A TV news anchor took our information in case they’d like to do a story later about him. What can I say, it’s a feel good kind of thing.

One woman commented that I had brought my husband to the fair with me. “He’s not much help to me”, I remarked. “But he is to us”, she replied.

And there were TONS of people who did double takes/thought he looked real/got a little freaked out! Great fun!

It was a real joy to take FJ to the fair with us, especially on September 11th. People gave us a little extra room and were a little extra nice. I recommend that everyone get a flat daddy because people cut you a lot more slack that way 😉 I got asked the standard questions several times(Is that your husband? Where is he? Where did you get that?, etc) and my stock comment became “He doesn’t talk back at all now! But he doesn’t do dishes either, so it’s kind of a trade off”, which is almost always good for a chuckle. As is “Only 11 months to go, we’re on the downhill side now baby!”. FJ is a great conversation starter and all types of people gave us smiles and pointed at him happily riding by on the stroller, lucky dog.

So far I’ve only been told no once when requesting a picture. The dishonorable mention goes to the Godiva Chocolatier employees downtown, who cited corporate policy when denying our request for a picture. In all fairness, I could tell they really wanted to say yes, so props to them for doing what their company has asked of them, even when it was hard. There are some fun family activities planned for this weekend and I hope to post them sometime next week. Until then, let me leave you with a picture I got of Mira giving her Flat Daddy some loves. I was a split second too late to catch the kiss she toddled over to give him, but it’s sweet nonetheless….