September 2008

Since Real Jared works for UPS, the kids thought it was awesome that Flat Jared got to climb up in the delivery truck for a picture.

of the season for Jeff’s soccer team. Daddy was there, as always!

Here Flat Jared poses with two missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These guys leave home for two years to share the happiness the gospel brings them, and often they miss a lot of family events like weddings and graduations. I think someone needs to start selling Flat Elders!!

FJ managed to talk his way into the parking enforcement guys little truck. I’ve found that public servants are the most likely to say no when asked for a picture. Due to the trouble they could get in if pictures of them end up plastered on myspace or something(like perhaps a random blog?), I’m actually going to say that ‘s okay. Thanks for risking your job parking ticket guy!!

I was going to work here part time while Real Jared is gone, but daycare and stuff didn’t quite pan out. It looks like FJ would be a great addition to their team!

This is one of our favorite places to get pizza. They have one called the 5 pounder that has ELEVEN toppings! I don’t even like pizza and I still think it’s pretty good.

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